Photo by Marion Vendituoli

Bob Ollerton, Lee Gordon and Ike Isakson stand in front of the new water truck purchased by the Patagonia Volunteer Fire Department. The new truck, which cost $130,000, will be used for both wildland fires and structure fires. The old water truck, which is now almost 40 years old, will get a new pump and will be available as a second tender when needed. The Dept. has been raising funds for the new truck for the past two years, but has not quite met its fundraising goal, due largely to the pandemic, according to Chief Isakson.

“We thank those that donated toward the new truck,” he said. “We were hoping to raise funds from the cancelled steak fry.”

To donate towards the purchase of the truck, please send contributions to P.O. Box 497, Patagonia, AZ 85624.