The Patagonia Regional Times welcomes letters to the editor. Send us your opinions and share them with others.

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Here are the PRT’s guidelines for Letters to the Editor:

  • Letters should be a maximum of 200 words, and should include the writer’s town of residence, email address and phone numbers. No attachments, please. Only the name and town of residence will be published. Occasionally, we do make exceptions and allow longer letters to be printed, particularly if an organization or person who has been the subject of a news story wants to respond.
  • Strong views or espousing any particular philosophy do not preclude the use of a letter.
  • To increase the chances of a letter being used, choose one topic and make the point succinctly. Broad topics such as the future of the human species generally are less likely to be used than specific topics.
  • Letters by the same author that reiterate opinions previously expressed may not be published. Letters must focus on issues of general concern, not personalities or specific businesses.
  • Letters containing libelous statements or those intended as advertising will not be published.
  • Please do not send open letters, form letters, material from the Internet or letters attacking other letter writers.
  • Letters that target previous letter writers will be edited to remove the name of such letter writers who are non-candidates or non-public figures. Letters critical of previously published Guest Columns may identify the writer only once, and then only to make it clear which column they are writing about.
  • The Patagonia Regional Times reserves the right to edit or reject any letters to the editor. The PRT will edit submissions for length, clarity, grammar and libelous content. We will also, on occasion, check for factual accuracy.
  • The newspaper does not publish copies of letters sent to third parties. It does not run petitions signed by multiple people on the opinion page; instead it runs opinion pieces by no more than two writers.
  • We are not obliged to supply reasons why letters are not used.
  • The deadline for letter submission is the 18th of the month preceding publication.

Note: The PRT publishes thank you letters from members of the community. Such letters are limited to 100 words. Thank you letters that thank public office holders or candidates for public office will generally not be published between the opening of the candidate filing period and the general election.