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Marion Vendituoli Managing Editor

Nisa Stover Talavera Assistant Editor

Cynie Murray Bookkeeper

Jay Babcock Administrative Assistant

Patrick O’Neal Ad Manager

Contributing Writers

Bob Brandt, Alison Bunting, Francesca Claverie, Kat Crockett, Lynn Davison, Jo Dean, Cassina Farley, Dottie Farrar, Robert Gay, Patra Kelly, Sarah Klingenstein, Keith Krizan, Martin Levowitz, Pat McNamara, Mary McKay, Harold Meckler, Vince Pinto, Cami Schlappy 

Board of Directors

Kathryn Schrag President

Mollie Wright Secretary

Jamie Smith Treasurer

Sue Archibald, Tom Beal, Lynn Davison, Cassina Farley, Jac Heiss, Aissa Huerta, Kay Pitt, Emmett Rahn-Oakes 

Annual Reports

Patagonia Regional Times Annual Report 2021 (pdf)

Patagonia Regional Times Annual Report 2020 (pdf)

Patagonia Regional Times Annual Report 2019 (pdf)

Patagonia Regional Times Annual Report 2018 (pdf)

Patagonia Regional Times Annual Report 2017 (pdf)


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