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Since 2009, the Patagonia Regional Times has focused exclusively on the exciting and diverse communities of eastern Santa Cruz County.

We deliver independent, unbiased reporting that engages our communities and works to help people build connections with one another.

A majority of our articles are written by volunteer reporters who live in our community and are driven to shine a light on issues that we face and to bring you the stories that matter most to you.

If we don’t tell these local stories, who will?

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As an expression of our gratitude for your membership in the Press Core, you will be invited to our annual spring Thank You Party. This is an event to celebrate and thank those people who make the PRT possible: our donors, our advertisers, and our volunteers (this is not an event where we ask people to write checks to the PRT!). You will receive an invitation in the beginning of the new year.

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Each year between November and April there is a series of outstanding classical music concerts in the new performing arts venue in Patagonia: the Benderly-Kendal Opera House. The Santa Cruz Foundation for the Performing Arts has graciously partnered with the PRT to offer a complimentary ticket to our monthly donors who contribute more than $25/mo to the PRT. You will receive a concert schedule with a voucher in the mail that needs to be exchanged for a reservation for a particular concert.

(Note: the IRS requires that the value of the concert ticket [$30] be deducted from the total of your annual Press Core contribution to determine your tax deduction. There will be no deductions for the Invitation to the Annual Party.)

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