The fireplace at the Circle Z ranch house was blazing as the Patagonia Woman’s Club held its annual luncheon in the dining room on December 16. Decorated for the holidays, the rooms were warm and welcoming. Current members were encouraged to bring guests — and the Woman’s Club is hoping to increase interest in the organization, which has been losing members. As Sara Cobb, the current president, pointed out, the club keeps shrinking and without new members, it will likely fade away into the pages of Patagonia’s history.

The stars of the luncheon menu were the butternut squash soup and the cupcakes. The chef made copies of the recipes for everyone.

After the tables had been cleared, there was a round robin exchange of gift items that sent everyone home with everything from a pair of earrings to a set of dish towels.

The Woman’s Club was formed in 1931 and has been an active part of the fabric of social and cultural life in Patagonia ever since. Each year it awards scholarships and contributes to non-profit organizations in town. They invite people in to lecture and are responsible for starting “The Country Connection.”

The group meets on the second Thursday of the month in Cady Hall from September through May. German Quiroga will be the guest speaker on Thursday, January 14, at 2 p.m. All are welcome.