The Patagonia Train Track Trail is a popular trail for locals and visitors to use as a bird watching, hiking, horseback riding or biking trail. The trail is a connector trail for the Arizona Trail from the town of Patagonia to the location where the Arizona Trail crosses SR82 4.5 miles northeast of Patagonia.

South32 is proposing to relocate the trail where it can more safely cross the new Cross Creek Connector road. The current trail (BLACK) will be relocated to the new route (BLUE) by installing two gates on each side of the road (RED).

The old trail (BLACK) will be revegetated.

South32 is also proposing to install a fence off SR82 to the Sonoita Creek at grade crossing. The fence is to drive all pedestrian traffic to cross the road at the gates where hikers and bikers must stop, get off his/her bike, open the gate, and cross the road safely.

The crossing is 150 feet from the entrance off SR82, where pedestrians and trucks can safely see on anther and trucks can turn on the road and do not have to stage on SR82 to wait for a pedestrian crossing.

There will be signs on the trail before each gate stating “Heavy Truck Traffic” and signs on the road before the trail stating “Yield, Pedestrian Traffic.”