Anna Schlaht has joined PARA as the Communications / Outreach Coordinator.

Press Release

Patagonia Area Resource Alliance is pleased to welcome Anna Schlaht as our new Communications and Outreach Coordinator. 

Schlaht will be working to build awareness of PARA’s mission, to attract and expand PARA’s rich community of supporters and volunteers and to help mobilize support for PARA’s key priorities, initiatives, events and campaigns. Her skills in social media and writing will enable her to coordinate outreach, both within our own community and with our alliance partners to increase engagement in PARA’s environmental advocacy work. 

Schalht has a BA in Technical Communications and Professional Writing and is just completing her MA in Science Writing through Johns Hopkins University. 

PARA’s mission is to educate and engage the community about the risks and realities of mining, to better understand our precious and imperiled natural resources, such as clean water and wildlife, and to actively advocate for the protection of those resources in our own Patagonia Mountains. We trust that Anna’s enthusiasm and skills will assist in that mission.