Kudos to the County Supervisors

I thought that the county did an excellent job of explaining its reasoning related to the consolidation of the Sonoita JP Court during meetings the last two days [3/20 – 3/21]. After
reviewing the proceedings (public record) it becomes evident that the county in the past has bent over backwards to keep the Sonoita court “alive”…everything from adding a 2nd
court clerk to providing supervisory services to help overcome poor state audits. Now the county has decided that throwing money at the problem is no longer practical and east county residents and taxpayers should be thankful for their fiscal oversight.

The county study session and supervisors meetings proved educational and worthwhile. Understandably, emotions can run high and east county residents can react to losing a perceived “asset” (court) with a “half cocked” attitude – especially if they don’t have the facts to work with. Now they have those facts!

The county has handled this matter in a very professional manner, especially allowing for east county, public input and questions during recent sessions prior to its making
necessary decisions and voting appropriately, based upon circumstance.

T. B. Fuller
Former JP2 Judge

Errors and Omissions

In last month’s Council Notes, it was incorrectly reported that Melissa Murrietta has resigned from the Planning and Zoning Committee. She remains on the committee but has turned over the chairmanship to Sharon Calvert. Mary Monroe has resigned from the committee. Our apologies for these errors and omissions.