Support the Wine Industry

As one of the Co-Founders of the Arizona Vignerons Alliance and co-owner of Callaghan Vineyards, I am in support of HB 2876, which would raise production caps on farm wineries like mine in order to allow my business to grow and compete. I am grateful for the diverse and bipartisan support from legislators that will benefit Arizona wineries and the ecosystem of businesses and ancillary industries that are sustained by our work. 

For over 31 years, my family has proudly farmed in Arizona in an effort to provide for our families and contribute back to our communities. We began when there were only a handful of farm wineries operating, and now our emerging industry has grown to over 110 wineries that proudly attract over 600,000 people annually. The majority of these wineries in Arizona are small family businesses who are helping to fuel the economy in rural Arizona. Our collective economic output is $56.2 million, with $3.6 million contributed to state and local taxes, valuing our industry at over $33 million. Let’s work together to expand our wine growing industry and allow everyone to benefit including, restaurants, distributors the hospitality industry and retailers. 

Please join me in support of HB2876. This measure recognizes that wineries and over 700 jobs that we help to sustain are a significant point of pride and will improve the quality of life for us all! 


Kent Callaghan 


Kudos to Our Writers

Your February edition contains two very touching pieces: “Inge’s Story” and “A Fortuitous Birth.” Both contain the family love that outlasts even war and racism, bringing Inge and Aisha to a place of peace and beauty. PRT readers are so lucky to have such caring and articulate writers in their midst. 

Eileen Wheeler Sheehan 

Westport, MA