Praise for the PRT

We would like to extend kudos to the PRT Team. Ever since the community survey last year, the content and writing have further improved and there has been stronger recognition of advertisers through better layouts. This has been wonderful to see, as the community deserves quality, thorough reporting and thoughtful (and thought-provoking) editorials and letters. 

We applaud your non-profit model. We have watched our other hometown paper become consumed by advertising limiting its quality and, most importantly, its independence. Furthermore, that paper is now owned by an out-of-state corporation that is solely focused on profits (part of a national trend). 

We joined the Press Core last year. Now we are even bigger supporters, and are excited for future initiatives. One hope is that your website will become more “real-time”, reporting events and news more immediately. Perhaps the PRT could be the community’s event connection by becoming the go-to calendar for activities, public meetings, presentations, etc. 

The printed edition could be more in-depth and available not only for residents but for visitors. Recent houseguests from Nevada read the paper cover-to-cover and were impressed by the depth and apparent even-handedness of the news coverage. 

So our heartiest congratulations to the PRT staff, board and supporters.

Chuck and Sarah Klingenstein