They Will Be Missed

I somehow missed hearing about the passing of Ramon & Arcenio not long ago. Sad to hear…both really represent the history, culture and ‘fiber’ of Patagonia from the ‘way back when’ days. I remember Ramon fondly from St. Theresa’s. No one was more devoted to the parish or served the church more faithfully over the years. I remember Arcenio fondly for his many years of service to the community. He always greeted me with a smile and helpful hand if it was needed. Patagonia will not be the same without these ‘fellas’! They will be missed!

Brock Fuller

New Mexico

Errors and Omissions

The PRT incorrectly stated in the March issue that John Arnold was given an award by the King of Nigeria. There is no King of Nigeria. He was given the award by a small kingdom in the Imo State of Nigeria. Our apologies for this error.