Photo by Cynie Murray

The Patagonia Regional Times is extremely pleased to welcome Jared 

Krikorian as our new ad manager / administrative assistant. Jared brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the paper in so many fields. Originally from Rhode Island, with a BA in graphic design, Jared also has worked in sales and customer service, has worked on newspaper advertising, poster design for local performances and events, and has created banners and ads for local business websites. 

Jared is going to be invaluable in our drive to increase our online presence, in organizing our data and in our outreach programs, as well as increasing our advertising revenue. 

We are so excited to add Jared to our team. Teamwork is the key to the success of the PRT. It is sustained by the unique collaboration between our hard-working board, our staff, our volunteers and, above all, our community and local businesses, who support us, not only financially, but with the gathering of news and opinions from throughout our region. Thank you.