New Trailhead Opens

A report from the grand opening of the Oak Tree Canyon Trailhead of the Arizona Scenic Trail.

The Elves Did Their Part

In some way Christmas brings out the anxiety in us all. For kids it’s, “Will it ever come?” and for us adults it’s “Will it ever stop?”

Life Among the Humans: Jews in the News

Whenever there’s some “secret plot” which we’re advised to fear, it’s both fun and traditional to blame it on The Jews – the world’s Eternal Boogie Men.

Letters to the Editor – Jan. 2023

We get letters regarding the Food Bank; our “one-sided” coverage of the container wall controversy; and the angels of Sonoita.

How I Survived

Life as I knew it was gone in the blink of an eye, but I was still alive, with the task of getting it back.