Dear friends and neighbors,

The Friends of the Patagonia Pool (FOPP) are asking you to show your support of the pool. We believe the pool is a valuable and important asset to the town’s health and vitality. 

The ‘owners’ of the pool—the town and school districts— are discussing leasing the pool. FOPP is concerned that there will not be an entity interested in leasing, or that leasing will affect the longevity of the pool. One possibility, and there are many, is that if a lease is not renewed a second year, the pool is permanently shuttered. Or worse, if a lessee is not found, the pool is never opened again. Currently the pool is left with no clear direction for maintenance and management. However, we recognize that both the school and the town have their hands full with many issues.

The community pool is a valuable public resource for

•       children, especially in learning water safety and socializing with peers, 

•       family groups,

•       adults, 

•       those who benefit from the therapeutic effects of water and/or swimming, and

•       community activities, for example movie night at the pool. 

May we count on your support? In addition to emailing the pool owners, please forward this email to 5 people. 

•  Patagonia Elementary School Board President, Nancy McCoy

•  Patagonia Union High School Board President, Ron Pitt,

•  Town of Patagonia Mayor Andrea Wood

FOPP raised over $12,000 in grants and $3,000 in individual donations in support of the pool. We paused further fundraising when it became clear that there was no plan for the pool. The next step is for the public to make their opinion known to the pool owners. Contingency plans to return the grant money, if needed, have been made. Although we strongly support the pool, we cannot do this alone. 

Thank you in advance for your support to help keep our pool going strong.


FOPP Board

President, Karen Riggs

Vice President, Mary Spicer

Secretary, Barbara Kuhns

Treasurer, Dorothy Sturges

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