Caleb Weaver of Borderlands Restoration supervises the planting of a new vegetable garden at the Youth Center. 

Since reopening the doors at the Patagonia Youth Enrichment Center (PYEC) in May, PYEC has been a hub for activities and events. 

Upon receiving a grant from the Patagonia Regional Community Foundation, and working with Borderlands Restoration and Deep Dirt Farm, the Youth Center has built a vegetable garden in the front yard. Currently, there are lettuces, arugula, cabbage, sweet snap peas and carrots being grown in the freshly tilled dirt.

BECY interns from Borderlands installed a 2,500 gallon cistern (with funds from an anonymous donor). PYEC also installed gutters that collect rainwater and feed into the cistern, which is hooked up to the irrigation system in the garden. The produce harvested in the garden will be used in the Youth Center’s nightly dinners and shared with the families and community. 

PYEC has also received donations for an additional scholarship program. The Pathways Scholarship is granted to youth who have participated in the Youth Center’s activities throughout high school. The scholarship will go to young adults who have completed their first year of higher education or trade school or are beginning their own business. The Pathways and the Michael Martin “Pay It Forward” High School Scholarships are both funded by generous donors.

On October 23, PYEC hosted its 7th annual Youth Conference. Presentations were made by youth from YADA, from Circles of Peace, the Mariposa Youth Coalition, and the Mariposa Community Health, presenting on important topics for the youth attendees, including alcohol and drug awareness, tobacco/vaping dangers, opioid addiction awareness, and the importance of mental health awareness. The attendees were treated to a meal prepared by El Pancho Villa Restaurant donated by Santa Cruz County Attorney, George Silva. 

PYEC appreciates all the support received for these events and activities.