One of the contributing artists displays her excitement as she walks down the the red carpet at the opening of the film in Nogales. Photo by Marion Vendituoli

The red carpet was rolled out for the opening of “We Are Artists” at the Oasis Cinema in Nogales on April 28. The artists, in formal dress, walked proudly down the red carpet before the viewing to the applause of the guests lining the walkway. 

“There was so much joy to be had,” Cassina Farley said. “We were all moved. It was a really sweet event.” 

The documentary, produced by Lars Marshall, of Patagonia, chronicles the art program for adults with intellectual disabilities that is held at the Santa Fe Ranch in Nogales. The program is a collaboration of the Patagonia Creative Arts Association (PCAA), The Santa Fe Ranch, and the Santa Cruz Training Program. 

Thirty artists from the Training Program met once a month for six months creating outdoor art installations at the Ranch under the guidance of Cassina Farley, Martha Kelly, Zach Farley and Tammie Quiroga, from PCAA, and Hilary Felix, education coordinator at the Santa Fe Ranch.