Congratulations, we have won! We’re champs! The USA is #1 among the modern nations of the world for COVID cases/COVID deaths, figured per capita. How did we pull this triumph off? It all comes down to one droll fact. Two major blocs of citizens, one Left, one Right, have access to, but say ‘No’ to vaccines. Those who refuse, in general, mistrust the doctors/scientists whom they regard as simply wrong, or stooges for a lying government. 

The Right Wing thinks that COVID has been hyped, largely to keep the public scared. Their wizards claim that the vaccines are not vaccines at all, but chemicals to change our DNA, strategically designed for mind-control, to turn us into unprotesting sheep. The Leftists think they’re pure and strong. “If I eat my asparagus no virus stands a chance with me.”

Along with that, there’s this refrain: “Don’t %$#@% tell me what to do!” Of course, the politicians don’t say anything so crude, they blather about Freedom and our rights as citizens. “This body’s mine! Keep your laws off!” (The very words some cannot hear when spoken for abortion rights.)

Per C.D.C., in the last year, 98% of Americans dying of COVID were unvaccinated. (What a coincidence!) Allow me to suggest, for real, that anyone of legal age who has said ‘No’ to the vaccine should be barred from all hospitals. Why let them in the ICU while others more deserving – who’ve been more responsible – are turned away? Those who refuse and then fall ill increase the danger to us all. If they come out among the rest of us, they should be charged as terrorists or for reckless endangerment. 

With spiteful stubbornness, lots of these folks thumb their nose at medicine. And that’s only the half of it. My friends are more the Froot Loop type who spend their extra money on organic everything and worship at the throne of exercise. It’s nature this and nature that among the fair-trade socialists. (They’re not as gonzo as the Nudist Yoga coterie, whose most important nutrients are A: Concern with self, and B: Fear of conspiracy.) 

Because this is a time of stress, there’s lunacy on both the sides of the line. The only viewpoints fiercely cherished by both left and right feature mistrust. Though I resent and fear the folks who won’t take the vaccine, which clearly works, their doubt and paranoia are not hard to understand. We live in an era of amplified lies – misled both day and night by bogus claims, seductive innuendoes, and rank fraud. I’m sorry to inform you that most politicians lie! 

There’s nothing you can’t lie about, and, if you do it with enough panache, you’ll be a magnet / hero to most clueless nincompoops. Deep down inside, we’re hungry to believe. Yep, all of us. The lion’s share of what we know, these days, or think we know, comes to us via “media” more than direct experience. The boundary-line twixt fact and fiction’s never been more vague. 

The Constitution guarantees your right to be a dunce, and to deny. Take Sandy Hook, the Holocaust or famous Voter Fraud: Which is a hoax? How do you know? Your inbox fills with shameless phishing scams: “About your recent order!” (There was none.) “Your Pending Refund” (There is none.) “Congratulations, You have won!” (Unh Unh!) 

The average U.S. citizen sits, with his brain turned down, in front of some infernal screen for seven hours a day. You think that watching crap makes us astute? You think your fellow citizens (each gets one vote, like you!) know what is real? Well, if you do, one thing is clear: you haven’t watched the news. 

Have a nice day.