It’s an insane place

Not much grace here

They’re too busy making profits

To care about us

While killing the life

Of the World

Using the corporate so-called “free press”

Government B.S.

Military conquest

With wars of aggression

Called “fighting terrorism.” 

The World is warming

The seas are rising and dying

A pandemic is upon us

With more disasters in store

As the corporate White House, 

Senate, Supreme Court and more

Give to the rich what they take from the poor.

More DINOs and RINOs

Dems and Repubs

Bought by the corporations

Are putting on a show

While filling their pockets

With corporate dough

Playing that game of pretending to be

Working for us

Stealing our rights

To democracy. 

We fought against fascism, 

Won the Revolutionary and two World Wars

Why do you vote and fight for fascists?

You support them galore

“Is it not the rich who are exploiting you? 

But you have insulted the poor.” (James 2:6)