The United States Forest Service (USFS) has initiated its public scoping for the San Antonio project, an exploratory drilling proposal in the Patagonia Mountains 15 miles east of Nogales by IC Explorations (subsidiary of   Barksdale Resources). This public commenting phase is part of the USFS NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) process to determine the course of action for this proposal. USFS 30-day comment period will end on Oct. 19. The full scoping report can be found at

Arizona Standard, a mining exploration company, is in the early stages of exploration with the San Antonio project. The company wrote, “we have designed the drilling program to be minimally invasive and, as such, the project has a very small footprint, utilizes only a handful of personnel, and is of a short duration (50 total days of work in the area).” The proposal to the USFS states that the company intends to drill up to five sites for an anticipated 50 days with no lighting or permanent structures proposed. 

Arizona Standard CEO Rick Trotman, said, “Arizona Standard is committed to earning and maintaining trust within the communities in which we work by adhering to the highest environmental standards and maintaining full and transparent engagement with our neighbors.” Trotman added,“This is the first step in the process of better understanding the geology in the area. Our work will be done with respect for safety, protection of the natural environment, and concern for area residents.” 

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