The Santa Cruz Humane Society (SCHS), the only animal shelter in the entire county, is in danger of shutting down. The pandemic has affected their funding dramatically and if they do not raise $50,000 they will have to close this year. 

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SCHS takes in animals that have been abandoned and rehabilitates them until they are ready for adoption. They are also a “no-kill” shelter which means that they take on all veterinarian expenses with a rescue animal and do everything they can to rehabilitate animals so that they can be adopted. They have a high rate of adoptions because they are well-known for their experience as the shelter opened in 1983. Their animals get adopted locally, around the country and in Canada. 

Sue Rogers, the President of the Humane’s Society’s board, said that the employees at the shelter are “so wonderful, so caring, and a godsend for these animals. The shelter would not be there if it wasn’t for them.” Though the shelter can house up to 35 dogs (plus more with puppies who are easily adopted) and many cats they are limiting housing right now because of the funding uncertainty. They have 17 dogs right now and 15 cats and “we don’t know where they would go if we close down,” said Rogers. 

SCHS usual sources of funding are grants, fundraisers, and the income from their own thrift store. They receive no financial support from the county or state, or other “humane societies.” The largest grant they receive is from the White Elephant thrift store in Green Valley which donates its income to charities and non-profits. However, White Elephant has been closed since March and therefore it is very unlikely that they will have the funds to distribute as in previous years. 

Rogers has done everything she can to cut down on overhead costs but they are still coming up short. They have applied for COVID relief grants but have received no funding. “There is no way for us to keep the employees on if we do not raise money,” said Rogers. 

“The shelter is more than just a place for rescued animals,” said Rogers, “it is a part of the community.” SCHS receives donations throughout the year that they pass on to other community organizations like Boys and Girls club.

You can donate to the shelter by visiting their GoFundme campaign page, through paypal at, send a check to Santa Cruz County Humane Society 232 East Patagonia Highway 82 Nogales, AZ 85621or go in person and drop off a donation. Their hours are 9 am – 3 pm on Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri. Wednesdays is the day for surgeries and vaccinations, open from 8 am to 3:30 pm.