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PATAGONIA, ARIZONA – Zero Waste Week, which kicks off on September 4, 2023, marks an exciting new chapter for Recyclops, the local provider of curbside recycling. The company is celebrating a major accomplishment, as it announces its certification as a B Corporation. This marks an exciting milestone for the company, having launched in Patagonia, Arizona in February 2021. In addition to filling a critical need for this community, this B Corp certification signifies Recyclops’ deepened commitment to the community and society as a whole.

The popularity of Recyclops, with approximately 29 customers in Patagonia, Arizona and nearly 13,000 customers nationwide, is evidence that this community cares about sustainability. For many, recycling is just one of many ways they can make a positive impact. To these individuals, B Corp certification assures them that the company they’ve partnered with is dedicated to being a source of good in the world.

Recyclops was already contributing to efforts for a more inclusive, equitable, and a regenerative economy. Recyclops’ unique model reduces landfill waste while simultaneously eliminating the carbon footprint of gas-guzzling trash trucks. The company uses a tech-driven, smart-routing app and local drivers instead of garbage trucks allows residents to recycle easily, while reducing carbon emissions and wear and tear on local roads. Ryan Smith Recyclops Founder & CEO, says, “Obtaining B Corp status is a huge accomplishment, and responsibility, for our team. We are extremely proud of this acknowledgement and are excited to share the news and join the B Corp community.”

To amplify their impact, Recyclops has partnered with nationwide companies to enhance their recycling efforts. Furthermore, in their pursuit of positive and sustainable local influence, Recyclops has started offering franchising opportunities, enabling individuals to become entrepreneurs. These values and practices were instrumental in driving the sustainability company to pursue the prestigious B Corp certification.

Certified B Corporations are companies that utilize their business as a force for good. They prioritize the well-being of their employees, the environment, and their overall impact on the world. Recyclops, along with other certified B Corp businesses, undergoes a rigorous review of their company policies and impact to earn recognition as a B Corp. Many consumers seek out B Corps in making their spending decisions, as the certification ensures their money will go to serve their community and improve the world.

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More About Recyclops

Recyclops is an impact-first business specializing in landfill diversion programs offering subscription recycling, compost, and specialty collection programs for consumers, municipalities, and national brands. Working with basic recyclables in almost any location, the company has also established specialty programs for a huge variety of materials including items as diverse as both diapers and solar panels. Recyclops offers franchises nationally in addition to operating in dozens of markets at a corporate level utilizing the gig-economy and smart routing app. Founded in 2014, Recyclops now operates in 30 states diverting approximately 1 million pounds away from landfills each month. For more information, please visit