PCAA Director Cassina Farley checks out the wall bordering Richardson Park that will be used for a mural painted by community groups. Photo by Marion Vendituoli

Plans are underway for a community mural wall in Patagonia. Recently, the new owners of the house abutting Richardson Park and Duquesne Ave. approached Cassina Farley, Patagonia Creative Arts Assocation (PCAA) Director, about having a history-inspired mural painted on the 100-foot wall of the house facing the park. Farley offered that the PCAA could coordinate and execute the overall plan. 

A coalition of local nonprofits will participate in the project. In addition to PCAA, Patagonia Youth Enrichment Center Director Anna Coleman will assist the kids to formulate and execute ideas for the designs for the wall images. Borderlands Restoration Network will supply local youth to help with painting. The PRT will get the word out and serve as documentarian and community information hub, as well as being involved in the painting.

These are early days in the planning, and PCAA seeks ideas from the community. What would members of the community like to see in the mural? What would represent Patagonia both historically and now? Trains, mines, cattle, birds, butterflies, hikers, music? So many aspects of life and history in the area could be illustrated and Farley welcomes all ideas

Katherine and Joshua Montesana, of Sonoita, recently purchased the property. “When I first walked into the house, I had a gut feeling it needed a mural, since murals are a big part of artistic expression in southern Arizona,” said Joshua. “I see a piece of history in the center of town, adding historical value to the town. We want what is best for everybody.” He added that, “It needs a lot of love, and we are having fun with the restoration, bringing it back to what it was, Spanish Adobe.” The couple plan to host a community open house upon completion. 

Farley is tentatively planning on June for the wall painting, and the community will be invited to participate. “This is an exciting opportunity for community creativity,” she said. Look to the PRT for more information and updates on this community project.