Invest in YOUR Local Paper

RIGHT NOW, we need your contribution. The PRT is distributed for free and is supported by donations and advertisements. Both are increasing but we do need your help.

Our future looks bright. The PRT is committed to enlarging its presence in the community with more frequent online updates, as well as more articles that are relevant to all our readers. We believe that quality local journalism is essential to our community, as it connects us all, keeps us informed and brings the diverse interests in the community
together. As a nonprofit organization, we are not driven by commercial interests or
the bottom line, but by our commitment to our readers and our unique region.

You can give now using the envelope that comes with this paper or you can
join what we are calling the Press Core.

The Press Core are those people who love the paper (our corazon), want to read it each month and can pledge to give us an amount by paypal or credit card each month online. To become a member of the Press Core simply visit our website below and click Support the

As important as contributions is our need for volunteers. For example, we need help distributing the newspapers to their Patagonia, Sonoita and Elgin locations. We need help with mailings, and catering and serving when we host our donors and advertisers. If you can help, please contact Cassina Farley at or visit the PRT website and click on Volunteer.

Partner With the PRT

The Patagonia Regional Times is offering local businesses, organizations and self-employed persons an opportunity to partner with us! We will provide the PRT Press Core Members with coupons every quarter. We anticipate there will be between 30-50 people eligible to receive coupons. The coupons will NOT be part of our publication. You can read more about our new fundraising initiative, the PRT Press Core, on our website:

Three good reasons to participate in this program are:

New clients will learn of your business or service and very likely will continue to make use of it in the future.

You will help the PRT to continue the work it does as a non-profit local news source

There is no additional cost to a participating partner beyond redeeming the value of the coupon itself.

The coupons will be issued on a quarterly (90 day) basis starting January 1, 2019. The coupon can feature your logo, business address, hours of operation, value of the offer, expiration date and qualifying conditions. They may also be time specific and limited to certain days of the week, e.g.,” from 5 p.m. until closing, every Thursday.”

If you would like to participate in this program or have any questions, please feel free to contact us at or by phone at 740-206-9594.

Your Website

The new Patagonia Regional Times website was launched with our October issue and is a source of wonderful information. You can peruse the website and learn more about the PRT Board Members and Staff. You can sign up for our email list and receive an update when the new issue is out! PRT regularly posts news on the
blog and is always looking for leads on stories in our community. If you have a news tip for us, click on “Send us a News Tip” and it will guide you to a simple form. The PRT is always interested to hear from you, our readers, and the website is a unique way to interact with the Editor and the PRT team. All the information you need to stay informed about local news.

Volunteers Needed

One of the most important jobs here at the PRT is distributing the papers. After all, what good is the paper if it isn’t out there for people to read?

It is a commitment to volunteer for distribution. Newspapers are left at 28 different spots in Patagonia and Sonoita. The paper racks are then monitored throughout the month to make sure that there are always papers available. This has been a task that Les Corum and Judy Mills have been performing faithfully longer than I have been the editor of the PRT and we are so grateful for their generosity of time and their willingness to volunteer for the PRT. We all thank them for their efforts on our behalf.

At this point, we are seeking volunteers to take over the distribution. This is an opportunity to contribute to the ongoing success for the PRT that requires availability at the beginning of the month to make the initial distribution, and weekly monitoring of the stands. If you would like to volunteer, want more information, or have any questions, please contact us at We would love to have you on our team.