The conversation about the Patagonia Pool has shifted from “what can we do to open the pool next year?” to “can we create an organization to take over funding of and, eventually, management of the pool?” The answer to that appears to be “Yes” it is possible – and there is the talent in our community to make that happen. 

In the two weeks since the first meeting held to explore the future of the pool, experienced non-profit and grant people have begun to develop a strategic plan: paperwork will be begun for the creation of a 501(c)(3), a mission statement will be drafted, name ideas will be sought for the 501(c)(3), usage data will be obtained, and research will be done on grants. 

Eastern Santa Cruz County, this is our public pool. Let’s keep it! It is used pretty heavily by kids and also by a fair-sized group of people ranging from their 20s into their 90s who participate in water aerobics and lap swimming. There is the potential for a real aquatics center with lessons, swim team, training opportunities – but the pool needs your support. For more info, contact Clare Bonelli at or come to one of the 9:30 Friday meetings under the ramada at the pool.