The PRT is updating this post on the Western Hemp Fire as we have more information. Latest information is at the top.

6/28/2023 11:12am: Updates via Fort Huachuca’s twitter feed…

10:46am: The Western Hemp Fire remains at 30% contained and about 1,098 acres burned. Crews are working inside the perimeter of the fire, but it’s hot and windy today. We are not anticipating the need for air support today. Firefighters on the ground have been reduced from 109 to 76.

The West Gate and Canelo Road are currently open with no restrictions. Tucson Electric Power and Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative are on scene repairing the damage electric poles, and we expect to be up to full electric capability by the end of today.


6/27/2023 2:51pm: The Fort Huachuca Facebook page is reporting that the Western Hemp fire is 0% contained but its forward motion has been stalled, with crews from various agencies continuing to work on the ground and in the air. The West Gate remains closed except to emergency vehicles.

The post also has new information for Fort Huachuca residents and workers.

“Fort Huachuca needs your help in immediately reducing and conserving your electricity use on post,” the post reads. “The Western Hemp Fire destroyed one of the main electric lines supplying the installation. Our backup power supply will be significantly impacted if we are not unplugging unused electronics and adjusting thermostats to more moderate temperatures. Overuse of electricity at this critical time could be detrimental to the entire installation’s ability to support regular operations.”


6/27/2023 2:20 p.m. The SET status for Apache Flats RV Park has been rolled back to no threat. Residents there are not currently under any evacuation status.

6/27/2023 10:35am:

Via Fort Huachuca official Twitter:

10:31am: Western Hemp Fire Update. Personnel at Black Tower are evacuating. The Forest Service has launched air support. 

9:59am: There is a wildfire in the vicinity of Canelo Road and Western Hemp Road. The West Gate is closed at this time. A shelter in place has been issued for Black Tower.

6/27/2023 10:00am:

A fire has started on Fort Huachuca and is spreading rapidly. The US Forest Service and AZ Forest Service are on the scene. SEFD personnel are monitoring the fire on the Babacomari Ranch in Elgin.