There is no emoji to express my feeling.

My body is exploding, not just my 

virtual head or the head of an 


My arms have multiplied stretching out to hold my child, my grandchildren, my friends.

My will has melted under this weather of black death, plague, COVID-19.

Armless! Frightened! (What is the best emoji for “frightened” except the silly blue one with shivering teeth?)

Missing everyone yet not as much as I miss my life that once strolled among others under all weather.

My heart pounds like a visitor at my door.

I can’t let you in.

You know I can’t let you through this door, into my home. Call me.

My life is a vacant hotel. “No 


I will do what I can to find you other accommodations.

See the sky. Let’s see what it might do for you.