Watch Recording of PRT’s Candidates Forum for District 3 Board of Supervisors
Event took place at Patagonia Town Hall on Sept 26, 2020. Bruce Bracker, Donna Federici, and Justin Luna (from left to right) with Moderator Tom Beal (offscreen)
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County Recorder Candidates for General Election – Suzanne “Suzie” Sainz won the primary and will be facing Independent Candidate David Alvarez in the general election.
YouTube video
Incumbent Candidate Suzanne “Suzie” Sainz
Interview conducted via Zoom by Aisha Sander, edited for length and clarity.
YouTube video
Independent Candidate David Alvarez
Interview conducted via Zoom by Aisha Sander, edited for length and clarity.
The winners for the Democratic Primary were Daniel Hernandez and Andrea Dalessandro. They will be running against Deborah McEwen, Republican candidate, for the two seats in the House of Rep. In June the PRT featured Hernandez and Dalessandro and published a profile on McEwen in the Oct 2020 issue.
LD2 State Senate Candidates Answer Questions
Read profile of the Democratic candidate Rosanna Gabaldon and profile of Republican candidate Mark Workman.
Sheriff Candidates Forum June 27, 2020
Watch PRT Hosted Forum where Candidates Respond to Questions. Update: Candidate David James Hathaway won the Primary and will be facing Independent Candidates Andrew Ibarra and Jose Agustini (not present in forum) in the general election.

From Left to Right: Keith Barth, Rafael Corrales, David Hathaway, David Ruiz, Andrew Ibarra. Moderated by Honorable Judge Thomas Fink.

Summary of Forum from Nogales International