Rosanna Gabaldon

Why are you running for LD2 State Senate?

My work is not yet done. I am most honored when my efforts help provide services to our most vulnerable and our youth. I have been successful in bringing ideas from southern Arizona to the Capitol because that is what we need, a little common sense and straight from the heart.

What do you think are the top two challenges facing the district in the next five years?

Support for Public Education – We owe it to our children to provide a safe school environment and the opportunity for a well-rounded and balanced quality public education. Adequate funding is the key to achieving our goal.  

Investment in economic development in southern Arizona – I will continue to address the funding needs for our roads and infrastructure. Together we will encourage the legislature to take advantage of the opportunity of investments in the infrastructure of the State Route 189 Mariposa Rd. We must find revenue for much-needed road infrastructure, especially in our rural communities.

What do you think are the top three issues facing the constituents in Eastern Santa Cruz County (Patagonia, Sonoita, Elgin & Canelo), and what will you do to respond to them?

We won’t get anywhere If we don’t listen to each other. The three top issues for Eastern Santa Cruz County concern: the lack of support for public education, the need for protection of our unique environment, and finding meaningful employment for our youth.  During my eight years at the House, I have brought attention to various environmental issues and advocating for funding for the area.  

Residence: Green Valley, since 2004


Central High School, Phoenix, AZ

Recent employment: AZ State Representative

Community organizations/activities:

SE AZ Citizens Advisory Board of the International Boundary and Water Commission, Guadalupana Lab School Board, Friends of the Green Valley Library,

SE AZ Advisory Board for Chicanos Por La Causa,

Salvation Army Advisory Council Green Valley,S Pima Council First Things First, Tucson Pima Arts Council,

Green Valley Sahuarita Community Food Bank,

Community Foundation of Greater Green Valley, Local fraternal organizations,

Town of Sahuarita Parks and Recreation Commission, Town of Sahuarita Economic Development Commission.

Previous public office/service: 2009 – 2012 

Sahuarita Town Council

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Mark Workman

Why are you running for LD2 State Senate? 

I am tired of the partisan fighting and lack of progress from our elected officials. I believe a person can either complain about a problem or try to fix it which is why I am running for office.

What are your top goals, if elected to the State Senate? Clearing paths through partisan gridlock and over-regulation plaguing businesses and suffocating our hard working communities. Re-focus legislation on our children who are our future and the teachers who guide them on the path to success. Protecting the constitutional rights of all Arizona citizens and providing the resources necessary for the safety of the citizens of our great state.

What do you think are the top two challenges facing the district in the next five years? 

Over taxation with a low return on investment of those tax dollars. Providing the necessary legislation to stimulate business success and additional employment of the district’s citizens.

What is the biggest challenge that you see to economic growth in Santa Cruz County?

Most businesses in small communities are family owned and operated providing for their friends and family in that community. We must work with these businesses to help them expand beyond the town or community they reside in through various state sponsored marketing programs to help boost tourism and visibility.

What do you think are the top three issues facing the constituents in Eastern Santa Cruz County (Patagonia, Sonoita, Elgin & Canelo) and what will you do to respond to them? 

I will work to provide equal access to better health care. I will also work to provide better access to broadband communications through necessary infrastructure projects. As a graduate of Tombstone High School I understand the impact of tourism on a community, I believe the state needs to do more to market the amazing tourist destinations throughout our state including the wine district in eastern Santa Cruz County.

Name:  Mark Workman

Residence: Sahuarita, Three years


23 Years Active Duty US Air Force, 3 Degrees including MBA, FAA Airframe and Powerplant license

Recent employment: Retired

Community organizations/activities:

10 years as a victims advocate for the base Sexual Assault Response Coordinator, 10 Years Volunteering with the Special Olympics, 6 Years volunteering with the Muscular Dystrophy Association Children’s Camps

Previous public office/service: None

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