Chip Fears and Laura Wenzel perform a comedy skit created by producer Julia Green. Photo by Marion Vendituoli

Audiences at the Tin Shed Theater on February 9, 10 and 11 were entertained with selections from show tunes in “Way Off Broadway” created, directed and produced by Julia Green, with co-producer Karen Lewis. The cast, Mark Berg, Chip Fears, Andy Gould, Johanna Landis, Toni Pavelka, Gloria Small, Nancy Webster and Laura Wenzel performed 13 songs, including numbers written by Irving Berlin, Cole Porter and Gilbert and Sullivan. The singers were accompanied by musicians Julia Green, Karen Lewis, Toni Pavelka, Mark Berg, Gloria Small and Jim Small.

Producer-director Julia Green and co-producer Karen Lewis greet the audience after the first performance of “Way Off Broadway.” Photo by Marion Vendituoli

A highlight of the evening was the performance by Laura Wenzel, singing ‘Bill’ from “Show Boat” by Jerome Kern, as Chip Fears, dressed in boxers, an undershirt and a bathrobe, pantomimed his responses to the song’s lyrics that depicted him as less than an ideal man.

Proceeds from the performances were donated to the East Santa Cruz County Community Food Bank, PALS Animal Shelter, in Patagonia, and Kitty Kasa Rescue, Inc., in Sonoita.