Cindy Holt Exhibit at GG

Cindy Holt describes herself as a vagabond. She’s traveled all over the country, by horseback and by motorcycle, and she loves a good adventure. Cindy has been making art for most of her life. At some point in her travels, she spent some years in Toledo, Ohio. While she was there, her work was exhibited in several galleries and at the Toledo Museum of Art.

Cindy says that she likes to play with many different art forms, and her ventures include found-art sculpture, wall hangings, painting, jewelry making, photography, and metal work. The exhibit that was on display during October at the Gathering Grounds was an eclectic mix.

Horse skulls she had retrieved from the desert during her rides were adorned with beads, and mounted them on the wall with feathers and other small totem-like objects suspended below by a nearly invisible filament. Mesquite trees were fashioned from old barbed wire. One large display panel was devoted to jewelry, such as the example shown above, that wove together many strands of silver and gold chain, with an unfinished stone as its focal point.

Cindy also displayed a belt with dragon heads she fashioned from gold, photos from her travels—which include the Arizona Trail—and a painting, (“Old Friends”, upper left). She says the painting is the result of a wager: she was told that her painting was “aggressive” and was challenged to do a painting that was passive. She won the bet—and a cup of coffee.

Make Some Art

Detail from a collage made at a workshop in 2013

Adult art classes have begun again at the Patagonia Art Center.

Guest artists host one-day workshops that encourage creative play and the chance to explore a wide range of media at an extremely modest cost of $5 (suggested donation.) Classes are held on Thursdays, from 2 to 4 p.m.

There’s now a life drawing class taught by Cornelia O’Connor on the first Thursday of every month.

Judy Mills tries on her newly made mask at a recent mask-making workshop.

This month, Helen Chester will hold a printmaking class on 11/13 and 11/20.

For more information, call Cassina at 394-9369

Artwalk: A Walking Tour of Patagonia Art

Patagonia’s annual Holiday Artwalk seems to usher in the holiday season for town residents each year. True, many people do a little early holiday gift shopping at the Fall Festival, but the holidays still seem far away. Artwalk, which opens the day after Thanksgiving, is usually accompanied by cool, crisp weather, and the complimentary treats offered by participating locations help to get the holiday spirit going. Not to mention the roving Santa Claus, who dispenses candy and wry comments as he strolls the streets and businesses.

Artwalk not only draws visitors from as far away as Phoenix, it’s an event that locals come out for, as well. After all, Patagonia is home to many artists, and the event provides an opportunity to see a lot of their work—all in a day or two.

The origin of Artwalk seems to have been an undertaking by Linda Chase, proprietor of Painted House Studio. Many years ago, she rounded up some of the local artists and hosted a holiday boutique in her front rooms. That event was so successful that it was perpetuated by Regina Medley, owner of Mesquite Grove Gallery, and Martha Kelly, owner of Shooting Star Pottery. They gradually organized things, drawing in more artists, working with local businesses, and creating a map for visitors. Last year, Creative Spirit Artists Gallery took over that job, and they are looking for ways to make it even better.

So mark your calendar and be a part of Artwalk—Patagonia’s showcase for local talent in the arts. After all that turkey and dressing, the walk will do you good.