By Justin McEldowney


We swung for the fences this year anticipating record sales of cheeseburgers and beer. While our efforts were well received the weather seemed to keep many neighbors and customers away. We have lots of sleeves of hamburger patties we’d like to sell to our friends and neighbors. $20 gets you a sleeve of 18 quality one-third pound frozen ground beef patties. Of course this means we didn’t complete the fundraising to pay off the new water truck, so any contributions towards this goal will be appreciated. Denise Bowden is our treasurer and is available at the South32 office to accept donations. Or checks can be mailed to PO Box 497, Patagonia, Az 85624


Most of our efforts in the community are to help those who are having medical issues, generally assisting in getting patients to professional medical care. But we also are looking ahead to prevent some of these issues, such as making sure everyone has tested and/or replaced their smoke detectors. All units should be replaced if they are ten years old or older. The sensors degrade with age!  Please do a weekly test to verify the battery is good and the units can wake the near dead with their alarm. AND, check with your neighbors to be certain theirs is working as well. We have units at the firehouse to replace those for whom they might be too expensive to replace, or who can’t do it themselves. These are 2 in 1 smoke detectors with 10 year lifetime batteries and should be mounted in each bedroom and placed to that they are not too hard to reach to test regularly. Sonoita Fire has units also for their neighbors, so pass the word to your friends and family.

We also recommend separate CO monitors for those with gas furnaces, stoves or wood stoves. This silent killer will give one a headache as a first warning if the monitor doesn’t tell you sooner. Mount these within reach to allow easy regular weekly testing.


Please make sure that the emergency response people can find you in the night! It’s too common that we are called in the night to help someone but we have to hunt to find the correct residence. Diane Isakson has acquired reflective numbers to distribute to those neighbors whose homes are tucked back from the world. I think she also has a way to mount them on stakes to be put at the start of your drive. Call Ike or Diane at 520 394 2936 if you need to deal with any of these issues. They’ll find a volunteer to assist you.