Ahhhhh monsoon season. I love the rain. I like the green hillsides and croaking frogs—the storms that break out in the middle of the night with heavy rain, gale-force winds and lightning, not so much.

The last couple of storms were doozies. The electricity went out and all we could do was creep around with a flashlight in the dark. Which leads me to a funny story…….. A few nights ago, prior to one of our nasty nighttime storms, I was awakened by flashes of lightning and the furious clanging of my wind chimes. Zach was sound asleep.

It seemed to me he would sleep right through this one. Not wanting to spend another sleepless night, I opted to use my earplugs. I figured if I can’t hear the storm it can’t hurt me, right? So with that I climbed back in bed, and, as I had planned, went right back to sleep.

Well, as promised, the storm hit and nearly blew us off our foundation. Earplugs in place, I was sleeping right through it. On the other hand, Zach woke up and began to pace. I guess he assumed that I would wake up and when I didn’t, he decided to check on me.

Since I was wearing earplugs I was out like a light, so I didn’t hear the storm, let alone him standing over me assessing my condition. When I did wake up, it was because Zach was holding his finger under my nose checking to see if I was breathing. After I figured out what he was doing, I assured him I was alive, removed my earplugs and sat up wide awake through the rest of the storm, which was really loud and filled with light and rain.

Zach was right—only a dead person could sleep through a storm like that.