In light of the recent border closings, Voices From the Border (and all other humanitarian aid organizations on the US side) have ceased operations in Mexico. This means that an already marginalized and desperate population is made that much more vulnerable in incomprehensible ways (kidnapping, extortion, murder, poverty and disease). Cases of asylum are currently frozen. Very little is being done to protect migrants and asylum seekers from the spread of COVID-19. 

Even when life “returns to normal” here in the U.S., the aftershocks will be felt in Mexico for much longer. In response, Voices from the Border is currently locating asylum-seekers that we’ve maintained relationships with on both sides of the border, some now having to wait in Mexico due to the Remain in Mexico Policy, and helping to assist them financially through this crisis and/or connect them, if they are currently in the US, with resources for asylum-seekers in their area. 

It bears repeating that asylum seekers are legally in the U.S. but not eligible for governmental aid. Many became eligible for work visas 180 days after being processed for asylum into the U.S., but most have now lost their jobs. In a time of unprecedented crisis, they have no safety net and nowhere to turn. 

We are also continuing to support shelters in Nogales, Sonora with whom we have relationships. Please keep them all in your prayers with an awareness of their plight and, if you have the means, please continue to support Voices from the Border through or donations given directly to board members. 

This is a BIG ASK, but it cannot be overstated that the value of empathy is the most important currency we have going for us right now (regardless of ability to donate financially). 

As of the time of this writing, the president said he “will be signing an Execute Order to temporarily suspend immigration into the United States to protect against the coronavirus and its economic toll.” While details of the plan remain unclear, the move would be “the broadest expansion of restrictions imposed in the US since the outbreak of the pandemic earlier this year.”

We will continue to provide updates as we have new knowledge and understanding.