Gail ChristmannPress Core Member of the Month 

Gail Christmann and her husband, John, moved to Sonoita during the pandemic in 2020 from New Paltz, New York. Her husband traveled around the west and southwest searching for an area that was warm where they might relocate. By chance John met a long-time Sonoita resident on an airplane flight who suggested the family check out the area. They came, found a house and Gail, her husband, and her 95-year-old mom, Marion Gauthier, moved to Sonoita. 

Gail was asked what she loves about the Sonoita-Elgin-Patagonia area, and she said “first, the weather!” Gail followed this with her love of the vistas, the sunrises, and sunsets. Patagonia reminds her of a small town near her home in New York. She loves the sense of community, the richness of history. She enjoys the small-town feel, and the way the community comes together. She said that while everyone might not know everyone, they understand their responsibility to support each other. 

Gail appreciates the active fire departments in both the Sonoita and Patagonia. She said that she and her family are happy here and feel it is as “close to paradise as they will get in this lifetime.”

Gail has worked from home since 2017. Her husband, who had retired from his previous job, has started a home inspection company and stays busy working in Tucson, Nogales, Sierra Vista, and Sonoita.

When asked what she loves about the Patagonia Regional Times, she said she loves the fact that it is a local paper, covering news that is relevant to the community. She loves the diversity of the writers, the variety of points of view and columns. She enjoys the weekly newsletter with all of the community events highlighted.

We want to thank Gail and her family for her support of the PRT by being a member of the PRT Press Core.