Nisa Talavera joins the PRT as Assistant Editor this month.

This issue of the PRT marks the last paper that Aisha Sander will have worked on as assistant editor, as she and her family are moving to Pakistan in December. Aisha has been an important part of the PRT for the past two years. Her energy, insights, intellectual curiosity, and willingness to take on a variety of roles have all helped to mold the paper you are reading today into something we can all be so proud of. It is a gross understatement to say that she will be missed.

So, it was with some skepticism that I read over the applications that came in from the five candidates that applied for the assistant editor job. How we could possibly find a candidate that could begin to fill Aisha’s shoes, overseeing our web presence, writing articles, helping with layout, managing our fundraising software, to name a few of Aisha’s responsibilities, not to mention maintaining a sense of humor when I call frantically wondering where I lost something on the computer? But, to my happy surprise, all five candidates were impressive, and I hope that we can find a way to involve them all in the paper.

One candidate, though, checked all our boxes. We would like to introduce Nisa Talavera, our new assistant editor of the PRT. Nisa is experienced in social media, web design, communications, business management and has extensive nonprofit experience. She owns and manages the Hacienda Corona Bed and Breakfast in Nogales, which she inherited from her parents Wendy and Phil Stover. In addition, she has been involved in non-profits, including the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement, serving as the Director of Advocacy, as well as CHARM, which she co-founded and led. CHARM promotes healthy outcomes and empowers children and families to succeed after experiencing challenges. Nisa also serves on the Board of Saint Andrews Church and Childcare Center in Nogales and is a Board Member of Santa Cruz County Nature and Heritage Foundation.

Nisa’s commitment to improving and informing our community of Eastern Santa Cruz County, her technical and written skills and her already apparent desire to contribute to the success of the PRT all make us confident that we will be able to keep your paper delivering your local news.