The Friends of the Patagonia Pool (FOPP) has been renamed the Patagonia Regional Aquatic Center (PRAC). This change has been done to align with our long-term goals and include our regional participants. In support of keeping the pool open, PRAC is aiming to create a $1 million endowment. We have some very talented grant writers and creative fundraisers and are off to a good start.

We’ve raised over $45,600 this year in donations, pledges and proceeds. We’ve applied for and received grants, written a strategic plan with short and long-term goals, completed the Articles of Organization, formed an AZ LLC, filed for non-profit status, set up mailing and email addresses and chosen a logo. We are close to completion of a Memorandum of Understanding with the schools and opening our own bank account. 

A big THANK YOU to all the businesses who supported our efforts, to all the donors and workers who contributed to this effort and to the Patagonia-Sonoita Rotary Foundation for serving as our 501c(3) fiscal agent. Another big THANK YOU to Erin Botz who took over as president of PRAC and is doing an amazing job, Samantha Carlson who has put in countless hours getting the paperwork done for legalizing the organization, Terri Schindel for inspiration and work on big grants, Abbie Zeltzer and others for the strategic plan, and Anne Thompson for keeping us in line. Also to Kenny Hayes, Patagonia Schools’ superintendent, and the governing boards of the districts for their support and guidance. Our pool is going to stay open because of the efforts of these people. Thank them!

If you didn’t receive a full copy of the Year End Report and would like one, please email (no “I” in clare!)

Polar Bear Plunge at the Pool  (and bake sale)

January 8, 1:00 gates open, 1:30 is The Plunge – or the NOT-Plunge for those of us who are cowardly (or smart – depending on your point of view). This is a fundraiser. Who will make the most money the Polars (who will take the plunge) or the Pandas (who will happily pay good money and collect donations to NOT take the plunge)? 

Being somewhat wishy-washy, I will not go in the water UNLESS we raise $2,022 for this event. If we do, I will go in the water. 

If you wish to donate, please send a check made out to the Patagonia Sonoita Rotary Foundation and mail it to PRAC, PO Box 1052, Patagonia, AZ, 85624. Look for posters and watch the Weekly PRT for more info!