This month the PRT concludes a series of autobiographical profiles of the PUHS senior class of 2019.

Brayden Johnson

Throughout my time at Patagonia Union High School, I was involved in FFA and I played football and baseball. My favorite subject was math because it was like trying to put a puzzle together. My favorite teacher was Mrs. Hayes because she is so nice to everyone and she is always willing to take the time to help – as long as you show effort. Outside of school, I like to hang out with my friends and my family.

The most challenging thing for me during my years at high school was keeping up and doing my homework. I was surprised how much work there is to do in every subject. The best thing that happened to me in high school was learning that I could count on my friends and the teachers at Patagonia to help me whenever I needed it. The worst thing that happened to me was not being able to attend the play “Hamilton” with the rest of my class. I was supposed to do an assignment that was due before the play and I didn’t get it done. I learned my best lesson from that experience. Even if you don’t want to do the work, sometimes you have to keep your mouth shut and just do it!

If I could change one thing in the world, it would be for world peace. I’m tired of all the wars and conflict that are so prevalent today. The biggest influence in my life has been my mom because she taught me how to be strong in any situation. After high school, I plan on working to become a fire fighter/paramedic. I think the one quality that best describes me is caring because I really do care about everyone in my life. My friends would describe me as outgoing, friendly, loyal and funny.

Cole McGuire

I am a senior at Patagonia High School and will graduate this May. I have been at the high school since my freshman year. Going to high school in a small town is an experience that I presume is quite different from going to a much bigger high school because of the close relationships that one makes with his class and teachers.

My favorite part of high school was playing sports with my friends and driving my ‘62 Buick Wildcat around town. My least favorite part of high school was seeing people not care about their studies. When I am not in school I enjoy lifting weights, running five miles, and playing video games.

Sports have been a very big part of my time in high school. I have run cross country for all four years and played tennis for three years. I will continue to hone my back hand and mile time in the future.

History has always been my favorite subject. I find history extremely interesting because I can find times in history where the events match today’s and I can draw parallels between the two. My favorite period of history is when the Persian empire was involved in Greece.

I will be attending the University of Arizona next year to study Political Science. I am looking forward to college, but at the same time I am quite nervous because it will be a big change of pace. It will be the biggest change in my life, so far.

If I could change anything in the world it would be to make sure that we can eradicate hatred for each other over political stances and truly try to understand each other before we hate each other.

I will strive to make a difference everywhere I go in life, and I hope that I have left a legacy at this high school by treating everyone with respect and kindness. I hope to continue this into college and beyond.

Karina Norton and Victor Barajas (above) were named Athletes of the Year at the PUHS Sports Awards banquet held April 24.
Ralphie Quiroz and Gigi Martin were awarded the Babe Ruth Award for academic, citizenship and athletic performance.
Natalie Cooper-Ojeda, Natalie Jones and Serenity Dodson perform at the annual Patagonia School Talent Show. Photo by Justice Urias

The annual PUHS Senior Trip Fundraiser and Talent Show, held April 3, was a huge success with a large turnout. The dinner was provided by Wild Horse Restaurant. Participants received a certificate of appreciation.