Have you ever wondered what the name of the towering tree that lies along your favorite walking path is, or why the surrounding landscape appears to be a series of ripples, or what animals wander the oak woodlands at night? 

Well, you are not alone, and to help explore these questions, Borderlands Restoration Network, Friends of Sonoita Creek and the Santa Cruz County Native Plant Society are presenting a free interpretive Nature Walk Series, held on the 3rd Saturday of every month from 9a.m.-11a.m. (time subject to change). 

Each month, we will venture to a near-by location where our local field experts will guide us through a specific topic, such as botany, birding, geology, and more! 

You will learn about various species that call Patagonia’s surrounding landscape home, what they need to continue thriving and how you can help protect them. 

The Nature Walk Series is geared toward those interested in learning more about these themes but are not already experts. Mini take-home field guides will be provided to help identify what we see. We invite any and all ages to join these walks and look forward to having you join us to learn more about the incredible diversity found in your backyard! 

The first walk of the series will be on March 16 at Corral Canyon in the Patagonia Mountains. Led by botanist Allegra Mount, we will focus on native plants (and some birds too) that are commonly found in an oak woodland. We will meet up at Cady Hall at 12:45, carpool to the canyon at 1:00, and will return around 3:00. Please wear proper walking shoes, a hat, water and a snack. 

Each month the walk, theme, meeting location and time will be posted on the Facebook page of Borderlands Restoration Network and Friends of Sonoita Creek, in the PRT and on flyers posted around town. For more information, please contact Grace Fullmer gfullmer@borderlandsrestoration.org