Montessori guide Jamie Lattanzio with primary graduates.

The Patagonia Montessori School held its end-of-year ceremony on May 21 at the Tin Shed Theater. Congratulations to the three students—Keenan Cantu, Sylas Lattanzio, and Iolani
Saiz—who completed the Montessori Primary Program and were promoted into elementary school.

The class of 2015 eighth grade graduates are Aspen Miller and Aaron Cruz. Aspen gave a touching speech about her middle school years. Nick Botz, Quinn Chrisemer, and Chesed
Chap also spoke about their year at Montessori, paying tribute to the graduates.

In addition to the primary moving up ceremony and eighth grade graduation, the school recognized the teachers, board members, volunteers, and parents for all of their support in helping provide quality Montessori education in Patagonia.

Each year, the school recognizes a person who dedicates his or her time and energy to making the school great. This year the Lamp of Learning award was presented to Jerrin Beebe for his hard work and dedication to the school.