2022 Arizona midterm Local and State Election Results as of Nov. 9 (unofficial).
34.2% of the registered voters in Santa Cruz County turned out for the 2022 midterm elections held yesterday.
Local races of interest:
Judge of the Superior Court, Div. 1:
Tom Fink – 5114 votes,
Jose Luis Castillo – 3763 votes.
Katie Hobbs (Dem) 50.3%
Kari Lake: (Rep) 49.7%
Secretary of State:
Adrian Fontes (Dem) 52%
Mark Finchem (Rep) 48%
Attorney General:
Kris Mayes (Dem) 50.1%
Abe Hamadeh (Rep) 49.9%
State Treasurer:
Kimberly Yee (Rep) 55.7%
Martin Quezada (Dem) 44.3%
Superintendent of Public Instruction:
Tom Horne (Rep) 50.2%
Kathy Hoffman (Dem) 49.8%
U.S. Representative:
Raul Grijalva (Dem) 63.9%
Luis Pozzolo (Rep) 36.1%
U.S. Senate:
Mark Kelly (Dem) 51.4%
Blake Masters (Rep) 46.4%
State Senator – District 19:
David Gowan Rep) unopposed
State Representative District 19:
(Two Seats )

Gail Griffin (Rep) 38.46%
Lupe Diaz (Rep) 35.22%
Sanda Clark (Dem) 26.33%
Proposition 413 passed (5769 for, to 3341 against). This proposition increases the expenditure limits for the Santa Cruz Community.

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