Among the “higher” living things, both plant and animal, there’s something known as sexuality, which is involved with mating – procreation as they say – not quite the same as recreation, though the two may overlap. Unless the male and female find a way to conjugate, your bloodline and your species come to naught.

QUOTE: “Male and/or female created He them.” That’s Genesis, 5:2. 

Can it be true? I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that – jarring though the thought may be – the human male and female bodies aren’t identical. Some folks exult “Vive la difference!” While some do not. 

In northerly climates, men mostly wear pants, and though it was unheard of years ago, you’ll often see women in trousers these days. (Historically, the normal female wore a skirt or dress, a dirndl, muumuu, or sarong.) 

There are two reasons for this basic garb discrepancy. One goes back to anatomy, or “plumbing,” so to speak. Convenience/practicality is not the only factor, though. Men often like to look at women’s legs, as well you know. Skirts much less compromise the view than denim Levis do. Some women see the skirt or dress as an abusive artifact (recalling burqas and brassieres) inflicted on them by The Patriarch. 

Despite the species’ need to breed, a lot of people seem inclined, increasingly, these days, to seek and mate with others who are not of “the opposite sex” (whichever sex you’ve chosen or been chosen to oppose.) In these odd days and changing times, which challenge and reject what used to be in favor of evolving novelty, it seems the line between the sexes has been badly blurred – all but erased. Biology may still be destiny, as Freud proposed, but seemingly, the shortest line between points A and B is no longer straight. In fact, through hormones and/or surgery, A can be B, or Vice V.! 

Conservatives regard these modern variants as cursed. Most human beans are happiest when things are as they have grown used to them. If something we’ve grown used to is withdrawn, some deep and weary part of us may be inclined to groan, “Why can’t those bleeping morons just leave well enough alone?” Discomfort, anger, and disgust are typical responses to most fundamental change. We normally like normal more than what is new and strange.

Such change leads to high drama and conflict in politics. My guess is that it’s going to increase, and maybe “should.” What sign or symbol should be put on public restroom doors? Which locker room is right for the polite hermaphrodite? Both logic and theology suggest that the true God must be an outright androgyne – comprising male and female parts – if only so that nothing in the universe is alien to Him or Her or It or Them who drummed the whole thing up.

Still, at the local bar on weekends and/or Friday nights, if you are L, B, G, T, Q, or flaunting lilac spandex tights, remember that some troglodytes react to the unknown by picking fights.

NOTE: Despite his customary irony, this writer will submit at least one more GENDER article less insensitive to the confusion, discomfort, and genuine pain these issues currently pose.