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Kudos to the PRT for facilitating a critical dialogue on food insecurity (“Food Insecurity a Pervasive Problem in Eastern SCC,” Aug. 2022; Letters to the Editor, Oct. 2022). Most difficult conversations are important ones, and this is an important community conversation. 

I first became interested in food insecurity when I taught on the White Mountain Apache Reservation. I couldn’t figure out why the chalk for the chalkboard kept disappearing. The day I realized my students were eating it for the calcium was the start of comprehending what food insecurity is. 

Because I didn’t know how local Patagonians may help the East Santa Cruz County Community Food Bank (ESCCFB), I spoke with Jim Staudacher, ESCCFB president. Here’s a bit of what I learned. 

In fall and winter months, the Food Bank serves approximately 400 families. It’s a staggering figure given the town’s population. The Food Bank board’s belief that nutritious food should be as accessible as possible means recipients do not have to show proof of income. 

Food boxes to be distributed are created based on nutritional value, not donated cans. I’m sure I’m not the only one who donated a jar of maraschino cherries because I didn’t know what else to do with it. I realize now that I wasn’t donating it but moving it to their pile of items few want or can use.

The Food Bank purchases food such as cans of chicken, tuna, beans and vegetables to give recipients the best nutritional bang possible. In addition, Jim partners with Borderlands Produce Rescue to supplement the boxes with produce. (Read more about the important and humbling work of Borderlands Produce Rescue at

In the next month or two the Food Bank is relocating to a fabulous location on Harshaw Road. This facility will allow for easier pickups, loading and unloading food, and has enough space for future growth. 

In an effort to reach all those in need in east Santa Cruz County, the Food Bank has established collaborative partnerships with churches, youth groups, and civic organizations such as the Patagonia Youth Enrichment Center and Senior Center.

As a 501c3 nonprofit, the Food Bank experiences times of funding insecurities. Jim stressed that the Community Foundation for Southern AZ has been stellar in their support.

What can Patagonians do to support the Food Bank? Here are a few ideas:

Donate to the Food Bank monthly with an automatic withdrawal. A $25 monthly donation will change and strengthen a family’s nutritional needs for several weeks. Honor your friends, relatives and neighbors at the holidays by making a donation to the Food Bank in their names. Ways to donate:

Online at PayPal Giving: 

Online at Network for Good:

Mail a check to PO Box 1147, Patagonia, AZ 85624

More good news is that your contribution to the Food Bank may lower your AZ tax. Under the terms of the AZ Charitable Tax Credit, AZ residents will receive a dollar for dollar tax credit on your Arizona tax return. The Food Bank’s QCO code is 20164.

Here’s to a healthy new year,

Barbara Kuhns


Feels Coverage ‘One-Sided’

I’ve enjoyed the ‘balanced journalism’ articles of past PRT issues, but I can’t resist responding to the one-sided Dec. 2022 article, “Foes Line Up Against Ducey’s Container Wall.”

The federal government is legally responsible for the security of our borders. The current Administration, who hide behind tall fences of their own homes protected by armed agents, have failed horribly in this. 

Governor Ducey, along with Governor Abbott of Texas, is trying his best to make this entire nation as safe as possible for all, even though the federal government Democrats do all they can to stop all border fencing construction to allow millions of unvetted individuals, terrorists, drug smugglers, child prostitution pimps, rapists, murderers, etc. to freely come into our great nation…just for Dem votes. 

I understand that the temporary ecological issues and that the containers are unsightly, but these are the quickest temporary items to help stunt the further invasion of illegal people entering our great nation before Governor Ducey leaves office and Democrat Governor-Elect Katie Hobbs takes power to further her socialistic agenda.

Todd Barrick


Thank You to Community

A thank you note to the angels of Sonoita. I am truly blessed to be a part of this wonderful community. To all those who have helped and supported me for all these years, I am sending my heartfelt thanks and wishes for a wonderful New Year. 

Carole Hunley


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