This year’s pie auction, on September 13 at the Community Garden was—as always—the perfect blend of relaxed conversation, good food, and the fine art of pie auctioning.

At 4 p.m. people began drifting into the garden. They found tables, met up with friends, and listened as Zach Farley played mellow guitar, accompanied by Matt Franz and Evan Sofro. When preparation at the food tables was complete, a line formed quickly. Guests filled their plates with burgers, sausage, roasted corn, jalapeño macaroni and cheese, lamb stew, beans, and tasty salads.

President Martha Kelly announced the evening’s main event, Master of Ceremonies Lars Marshall took on the role of auctioneer, and the bidding began. [text missing] Nine pies were ushered out and displayed by Ben Shonkwiler, who wove [text missing] the tables enticing bidders with a view. There were chocolate pies, raspberry boysenberry pies, key lime, apple, asian pear, lemon quince, and cacao pies. There was even a bison mincemeat pie. Several came with written histories.

Pies like the key lime, coconut cream, and mile-high chocolate cream [text missing] bidding wars, a fast volley of back-and-forth bidding that hiked the bid up or more (The top-selling pie, “Grandma’s coconut custard,” made by Martha [text missing] went for $100.) Some winners took their pies home, while others divided spoils among those at their table. Finally, just as Lars’ voice began to give last pie was auctioned off, and the evening wound down. Bravo to all those worked so hard to put the auction together. Many hands go in to the making this event each year, and all are to be congratulated for helping to provide the town’s favorite occasions