Press Release

Valley Telecom has been awarded $2.1 million from the Arizona Commerce Authority’s Broadband Development Grant Program to extend broadband services to Patagonia residents and businesses.  In addition to business expansion, high-speed broadband also will provide the foundation for K12 schools, higher education, hospitals, public safety agencies, and other government facilities to maximize resources available to bring the best services to the area.

Project Cost

The total project cost for Patagonia is $2,103,200.  Valley Telecom will contribute a required 10% project match totaling $210,320.  Santa Cruz County is committed to assisting VALLEY with obtaining permits for right of ways and other permitting requirements.

The Design

The project design is a 100% fiber optic network; therefore, the design and performance of this system reflects advantages available with state-of-the-art, carrier-grade advanced technologies operating at multi-gigabit rates. Unlike optical fiber networks typically designed by other providers in the area, the network design for the VALLEY system will make fiber available to every customer location and can offer carrier-grade service at speeds of up to 400 Gbps upon request.

The result is an optical fiber network that will ensure that residents within Patagonia have access to broadband services of at least 100/25 Mbps. The proposed broadband solution consists of optical fiber cables, placed aerially or underground, dependent on the terrain and utility pole availability.

“This is the start of a big turning point for our community.  The County’s vision is for our residents, students, and businesses looking to participate in an ever-growing digital world to have the necessary tools to do so, and this grant is the first step in achieving that goal,” said Santa Cruz County Broadband Project Manager and Chief Information Officer Juan Balderas.