Ember Hubbell

According to Marion Vendituoli, co-chair of this year’s Santa Cruz Fair, 4,100 people came through the gate the weekend of September 20-22.

Many of those people were students from the county who were given the day off from school and bussed to the fair on Friday morning. There they found a special program designed just for them. There were performances, art projects, games, and a chance to learn about seed planting. County Superintendent Alfredo Velasquez provided buses and worked with the fair committee to involve all the county schools.

A talent show produced by Suzanne Clasen was a huge hit on Saturday night. It brought out a wide range of ages (from 3 years to 80 plus). Allyson Lloyd took first prize with a display of acro dancing.

Carina Dimerling, Miss 4-H 2013

The 4-H auction brought in a recordbreaking, $152,000. The top steer went for a whopping $10,000. As always, 4-H was the heart of the fair, with youngsters showing off their animals and handiwork and keeping the livestock part of the fair clean and friendly.

“Everyone pulled together,” says Venditouli, who didn’t want to start thanking people because the list was so long. She added that everyone who participated in the fair got a free pass, and the point of the event is not about money. “The point,” she said, “is to have a big community party!”

Ellie Jordan

Hurrah to those who worked so hard to put this party on.

Shyanne Pruett
Noah Moore