Summer 2017 field school participants engage in dialogue around some of the most pressing and relevant environmental questions of our region through discussion, field trips, and collaboration. Photo by Laura Nolier

There are many new things growing at Borderlands Restoration Network this year. One of the areas we are most excited about is an increased commitment to our educational programming and the expansion of our employment training opportunities. Last summer,
we launched the inaugural session of our Field School program, in which students and residents gathered in Patagonia to learn from some of the most visionary leaders in our region to discuss the environment and ecology, border issues, and the foundations of a restoration economy. The programming received extremely high reviews, and benefitted both participants in the course as well as the regional economy.

We’re delighted to announce the second annual Borderlands Field School for 2018. It will occur from July 16-August 11, and will be primarily geared toward college students who are interested in exploring the restoration economy of our unique borderland region. It is our hope that through participation in this course students will gain the tools, experience, and inspiration to lead and work toward a sustainable and just future for our Sky Islands.

The Field Course will include discussion and field exercises covering aspects of cultural, ecological and indigenous perspectives on the U.S/Mexico border, regional history, native
plant propagation, harvesting wild edibles, sustainable livelihoods, permaculture design, watershed restoration, economics of restoration, food production, and the intersection of arts and ecology.

We are accepting applications to attend as well as scholarship applications to help local students to cover tuition costs. Please help us spread the word about this unique opportunity for our youth to participate in an immersive practical training course designed to inspire the next generation of environmental leaders. To learn more or apply, please visit or email