With July almost over and the monsoons here, it is not too early to start thinking about school. It’s just around the corner. Getting children safely to and from school is a concern for all of us. Some kids ride the bus, some drive, some ride bicycles and others walk to school. With that in mind, there are a few things that all of us need to think about as school routine begins.

School buses that are stopped should be given plenty of time and space to pick up and drop off students. Remember, when their lights are flashing motorists have to stop. Please allow yourselves plenty of time on your daily trips to account for school bus routes.

The students who are driving to and from school should drive responsibly. This includes driving a well-maintained vehicle with copies of current registration and insurance on hand. Don’t forget your driver’s license. All-terrain vehicles and motorcycles have special requirements that drivers should be aware of.

Speed is always a concern for those on the road. The speed limit is 5 MPH on school grounds. Those who drive on regional roads know that the speed limit varies. Pay attention and allow yourself plenty of time to get to school or work on time.

Bike riders, ensure that your bicycles are well maintained and have the appropriate lights and reflectors so that you can easily be seen by motorists. Kids should always wear helmets while riding their bicycles.

If you walk to school, cross at designated crosswalks whenever possible. Wear clothing that will make you easy to see.

Getting students to and from school safely is everyone’s responsibility. Enjoy the remainder of the summer and let’s make this a safe school year.