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Out of Mind

I finally put my Christmas decorations away, and it was only March 5. In my defense, it wasn’t still in the living room but strewn about in random boxes on the upper floor where I couldn’t see it (out of sight, out of mind) but Mark and Naomi had to dodge around it every day […]

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Ghosts of the Museum

The Patagonia Museum is home to a collection of dolls, some of whom, the author contends, have been taken by the resident ghost. Photo by Marion Vendituoli If you are ever alone in the old grade school (now the Patagonia Museum), you might hear the ghost. I started asking museum members and old teachers if they’d […]

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The Spider Tree

The Spider Tree died last spring. She had been on the edge for a long time. When the big oaks experience drought, they keep the leaves on the upper branches and let the lower ones die. She looked like a spider with all of her black dead spidery legs hanging down and a few live […]

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Oaks, Toads and Sleeping Women

I came to this town to get pregnant. I achieved that. Thirty years ago, roaming Gringo Road with my cattle dogs and a baby, I looked across the valley to Red Mountain. She has the profile of a sleeping, pregnant woman, and I thought that she was my patron saint, La Santa Roja Sueno, the […]