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New Karate Class in Patagonia

Karate classes are now available for children and adults at the Krikorian Institute of Kenpo Karate in Patagonia. Instructor Jared Krikorian describes the training as a combination of exercises for mind and body, utilizing the techniques of Karate, Judo, Jujitsu, Eskrima, and Kenpo. Krikorian, who was born and raised in Rhode Island, began his training […]

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Youth Center Is Thriving

The seeds that were sown by Anna Coleman and have been cultivated with her care have blossomed into a youth center that is thriving. Patagonia Youth Enrichment Center (PYEC) seems to be fulfilling its intended purpose: to provide a supportive, safe environment where teens and preteens can feel at home. Although average daily attendance is […]

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On Editing

Sometimes at PRT, we hear that a writer—who may have spent a good deal of time preparing an article for this newspaper—is irritated by the editing that’s been done to his or her writing. We can all appreciate proofing for grammar errors and typos. But what about when someone changes our carefully chosen wording? Maybe […]

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Water Etiquette

Patagonia’s Forth of July parade always draws a crowd. It’s truly a hometown parade, with sirens, flag-bearing veterans, kids walking goats, and car after car honoring the community’s VIPs and supporting its causes. And it’s an interactive parade. By July, temperatures are usually in the 90s. The viewers lining the street know that unless they […]