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A Winter With William James

I have always loved paper pages, cover art, and the heft of a book in my hands. At least twice in my life I thought about opening a book store, but somehow the momentwas never quite right. Then, in 2001 I found myself working one winter in a wonderful place that sold used books. It […]

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Meeting and Greeting Our Visitors

A visitor’s center is an important link in the economy of this region where visitors spend hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. Without a visitor’s center it’s hard to know who these people are, much less encourage them to stay awhile. They aren’t likely to find The Nature Conservancy or Patons, the Arizona Trail, the cemetery, or even the library without some guidance. One couple asked about “the pizza place” and I pointed across the road. “We drove right past and never saw it,” they said.

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Strong Performances By Monologues Cast

Back row from left: cast members Francesca Claverie, Laura Wenzel, Janice Pulliam, Bethany Brandt, [far right: Art Director Anita Clavesco-Wharton]; Front: Ana Maria Warsnick, Sharon Calvert, Jenny La Dage, Andrea Stanley. Not in photo: JamieCattanzio, Erin Blanding. If you attended a performance of “The Vagina Monologues” on Valentine’s Day weekend, you probably experienced a few […]

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Under the Cover of Darkness

David Seibert (left) with John Walsh and Thomas Jonsson David Seibert, who is the director of Borderlands Restoration, rented a small house on the outskirts of Arivaca while doing restoration work and research for a doctorate in cultural anthropology. On February 19 he gave a talk about that research at the Patagonia Library: the mysterious […]